Word & Brown Hearing Center

Our certified clinical audiologists provide comprehensive hearing and communication assessments as well as complete diagnostic services that include all behavioral and physiological measures related to the hearing organs, including the most advanced auditory evoked potentials and vestibular function measures. Our complete diagnostic services include the most advance auditory technology and the tools to assist you on your journey to improved hearing health.

Purchasing From Word & Brown Makes a Difference in California

Our goal is for you to feel confident about your hearing choice. Our hearing aids are not more expensive than other hearing aid providers, but the margin goes to extend Providence Speech and Hearing Center’s mission to enrich the lives of others through the gifts of speech and hearing.


Thinking About Hearing Aids?

Maybe it is time for you to get your hearing checked and see what your options are. At Word & Brown Hearing Center we use cutting edge tools to map your hearing and provide easy to understand options in friendly environment. Why? Word & Brown Hearing center is the Adult Audiology practice of the #1 Pediatric Audiology and Speech provider in California. Our expertise in hearing health stretches from newborns to adults.

Common questions about hearing aids to ask at you visit:

  • Will they be visible?
  • Can I just purchase them at the local drugstore
  • Why does turning up the volume on the TV work for me?
  • How long does the hearing aid process take?
  • Can I take care of everything on a single visit?

Already Have Hearing Aids?

Regular cleaning and testing of your hearing aids is crucial to maintaining your hearing health. Our helpful professionals are concerned for your hearing health and will help get the most of your hearing experience - regardless of where you purchased your hearing aid equipment.

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