We continually seek outgoing and well-qualified audiologists, speech pathologists, and other talented individuals to join the team at Providence. We look forward to hearing from you.

Discover a fulfilling career with Providence Speech and Hearing Center. Enjoy making a difference in the lives around you. Be there when a child hears his or her parents for the first time. Witness children learning how to express themselves with their newfound voices. All of which is possible with people like you.

See our current employment opportunities in audiology, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, preschool instruction, and clerical, administrative and support services. Our team is growing, and we are looking for people who share our commitment to providing excellence in healthcare for our patients while making a difference in our community.

As an employer of choice in our region, Providence offers a place to grow personally and professionally in a challenging and rewarding environment. Your best career move starts here.

Our benefits program has been designed to help ensure your good health, protect your finances, and help you prepare for a more secure future. As a leading healthcare provider, we understand the importance of quality coverage and provide comprehensive coverage on medical, dental, and vision. Providence also offers basic group life insurance at no cost to our employees and matches contributions to your retirement plan. 


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