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Providence Speech and Hearing Center (PSHC) is the leading service provider to the speech and hearing impaired of Orange County.

Medical Professionals

To refer a patient to Providence Speech and Hearing Center, the patient's primary care physician must submit a referral naming Providence Speech and Hearing Center as the preferred specialist.

During business hours, patients may call toll-free 1-800-741-9088 or 714-639-4990 to verify insurance coverage. After hours, please feel free to leave a voice mail, and the call will be returned the next business day. For more information about our family of services, click here.

All Others

We offer a variety of speech and hearing services for children and adults alike. Accepting most major insurance companies and medical groups, we also provide grants, scholarships, and financing options for patients from low-income families.

To refer a patient to Providence Speech and Hearing Center, your primary care physician must submit a referral. Parents who wish to have their children treated at Providence Speech and Hearing Center must have their child's physician follow their referral protocol.

We don't turn anyone away. Ever.


Looking for speech and hearing services that are more advanced?  Refer your patients to Providence Speech and Hearing Center.

Advanced hearing evaluations in children

  • Hearing testing
  • Tympanometry and acoustic reflex
  • Otoacoustic emission (OAE)
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  • Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD)

Hearing aid evaluations and fittings

  • Real ear measurement
  • Ongoing hearing aid support
  • Ear mold and swimming plug fitting
  • Hearing aid repair and loan program
  • Assistive listening devices

Orange County Fall Prevention and Balance Center

  • Comprehensive, collaborative balance program offering both audiology services from the Providence Speech and Hearing Center and St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center Physical Therapy services
  • NeuroCom computerized dynamic posturography system
  • State-of-the-art vestibular equipment, including Neuro Kinetics’ rotary chair and the ICS VNG system

Speech (Pediatric and adult)

  • Early intervention group therapy
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Craniofacial Clinic in partnership with CHOC Children’s Hospital
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Social skills program for pragmatic language disorders
  • Voice clinic
  • Talk2 aural habilitation program

Occupational therapy for children

  • Developmental testing
  • Feeding evaluation and treatment
  • Sensory processing evaluation and treatment
  • Fine-motor evaluation and treatment
  • Hand-writing programs

Patients can check insurance coverage!

Have your patients call (800) 741-9088 to confirm if their insurance carrier is accepted at Providence.

Health plan partners

At Providence, we have contracted with many medical groups and insurance companies, including:

  • ADOC
  • Aetna
  • AltaMed
  • Blue Cross

Contact information for patients

If your patients want to learn more or need assistance, we have Providence Patient Specialists available. Whether they need help with hearing aids, scheduling, billing, or insurance questions, please provide your patients with our local toll-free phone number. Our team of specialists works with each patient to find the right services at the right time close to where they live or work.

  • Call toll-free (855) 901-PSHC (7742)

Interested in referring a patient?

Call (800) 741-9088, option 4