Fall Prevention and Balance

Feeling dizzy, unsteady, or have a fear of falling?

Studies reveal that falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death for people over 65. Learn more.

Do you or a family member have balance or dizziness issues?

If so, we can help immediately with diagnostic tests and evaluations. Providence Speech and Hearing Center offers effective treatment, including audiology services and physical therapy, for a range of balance issues at the Orange County Fall Prevention and Balance Center™.

We help patients with a range of dizziness symptoms and balance disorders to get their life back. We provide comprehensive vestibular evaluations and treatment. Depending on your audiologist’s findings and your individual symptoms, you may be evaluated and/or treated by a physical therapist. Your dedicated team, including a physician, will meet to discuss your individualized goals, diagnose and choose the best treatment plan, and will monitor your progress every step of the way.

Our fall prevention and balance services include:

Get your balance back!

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