Adult Speech and Voice Services


Adult Language/Cognitive Disorders
Adult onset of speech and language disorders is often caused by stroke, neurological changes, cancer, or trauma. Symptoms include difficulty communicating with and understanding those around you, difficulty swallowing, loss of memory, and reduced hearing, all of which adversely affect quality of life. We provide a variety of services and compensatory strategies specific to the adult population to help improve their quality of life and the life of those around them. 

Voice Clinic
Voice disorders can range from mild hoarseness to complete voice loss and are typically characterized by abnormal pitch, loudness, or vocal quality. Our treatment emphasizes improvement in vocal quality, healthy vocal hygiene, and prevention of vocal abuse. 

Swallowing Disorders
Our VitalStim® Therapy certified speech language pathologists utilize the most advanced technology in neurostimulation to help improve the difficult-to-target muscles of the throat. Depending upon the disorder, treatment focuses on increasing the strength and coordination of the muscles in the lips, tongue, cheeks, or throat.