Faces of Providence

In 2015, we celebrated 50 years of service in Orange County. This page seeks to recognize and honor some of those who are the reason behind our mission.


Providence Patients, Monica and Leo

Meet Monica, and her adorable son, Leo. Monica was born with severe bilateral microtia--meaning that, before she was born, most of her external ears did not form. As a young child, she came to Providence Speech and Hearing Center (Providence) and was fit with a BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aid), which helps carry external sounds into the inner ear through bone conduction in the skull. As Monica aged, so did her hearing aid. As an adult, she continually had to send out her old BAHA to be repaired because it would abruptly stop working, but she was unable to afford a newer, more technologically-advanced replacement. Without her BAHA, she was nearly deaf--and at risk of losing her job as a preschool teacher. In addition, Monica was a new mom and often unable to hear her son, Leo, who was also born with microtia, though not as severe as her own. She was scared and frustrated...but then she remembered Providence. Monica came back to Providence, told us her story and asked for help. Thanks to our donors, we were able to help her afford a brand new BAHA, which has made an enormous difference for her. She hadn't realized just how much she was missing. In fact, she recently heard rain for the first time...and loved it! Leo was also fit with bilateral BAHAs at Providence. The world of sound is now wide open to both of them. In Monica's own words: "I used to be a patient of Providence until I was 21 years old. I loved the help, understanding and the comfort that this place gave me. It made [me] feel really special and I am forever thankful that all these people from Providence became like my family. This is one of the reasons I am bringing my son here because I know he is in good hands and they would take really good care of him like they did with me." With our 52 years of unique, multidisciplinary service excellence in helping the speech and hearing impaired of southern California, we are now treating second and third generation patients. It is our privilege to continue serving those who need us most, but we certainly couldn't do it without the unwavering dedication of our community supporters. On behalf of Monica, Leo and the thousands of patients we serve each year, we thank YOU for making Providence Hear-O stories like this possible! Want to help? Click here to make your tax-deductible donation online today.

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